Piano Dreams Trivia Answers

piano dreams Trivia Questions — ANSWERED

1. Which actor cross-dressed for the first (and probably last) time in this movie?

– George Beekman.

2. Which character did everyone want to audition for/ play?

– The Nerd.

3. What happened when Oog & the boys started to yell in the courtroom??

– People came in from the other courtroom, telling us we were interrupting a real court case with the noise. Oopsie.

4. How many “Hey Mister” kids were in the movie?

– Two.

5. Which scene took the longest to set up and shoot?

– The Film Noire Scene. Next longest scene was the magic piano playing hands.

6. Which actor was pivotal in the plot of the movie, yet never actually appeared in it?

– Bill Prucha, who played Rachmanibach.

7. Which actor broke out into wild improvisations during every scene that would make an entire film in and of itself?

– Eric Nepom (AKA Bindango, the psycho killer, the monk, the pirate, gorilla, old lady, half man half woman psychiatric patient, fire mask guy, man by the tree)

8. Which scene was filmed in a car wash? And why?

– The opening credits. Cause it looked cool.

9. How many different pianos and keyboards appeared in the film?

Nine (including the tiny one that falls on Oog, after the credits).

10. What famous classic rock song did the Rocker ask the Nerd to play?

Stairway to Heaven.

11. How much duct tape did it take to film the magic piano playing hands scene? And Why?

– Two rolls. We had to tape the camera and tripod to a ladder at a quite precarious angle.

12. Does Oog really play by ear?

– Yes.