Recordings by Suz Doyle & Friends

Suz’s music appears on over 23 albums (7 of her own, 16 as a guest artist with others). Her music is available at Amazon, and Apple Music, and other fine digital marketplaces for streaming, digital download, or purchase of physical CDs. For production use and other licensing rights, contact Suz.

Holiday Recordings by Suz Doyle and friends

New! O Holy Night

O Holy Night CDBy Rob Birdwell, Flugelhorn & Suzannah Doyle, piano. 2013 (single).

A relaxing, spacious and reflective smooth jazz flugelhorn, piano, bass and synth version of this classic Christmas song. Available in digital download format only.

Better than a warm cup of tea on a cold winter’s night!




December Breeze

December Breeze2007, 1996 Soothing piano & sax instrumental Christmas music by Another Dave (David Cudo on soprano and alto sax; Suzannah Doyle on keyboards & synths).

With special guest vocalist Mark Kershner on two songs. So, it’s MOSTLY an instrumental album!

This CD prompted an invitation for us to perform at the White House.

“Of all the musicians who performed [at the White House], you [were] the closest to sublimity,” said Cody Petterson, White House Intern.

Check out the album’s full credits and details here.


Smooth Jazz albums by Suz Doyle and friends

D.C. Direct

by Another Dave
DC Direct album2007, 1998 Soothing piano/ sax/ guitar/ synth instrumental music.

Easy listening smooth jazz. Includes original songs and covers of such favorites as “The Summer Knows,” “Speak Softly, Love,” “Memory” from Cats, and “My Heart Will Go On.” Also features an 11-minute live sax, piano & guitar improvisation and a haunting ambient sax & synth version of “Amazing Grace.”

Features guest musicians Warren Zaiger on Bass, Daniel Mahoney on guitar, Stephen Cudo on trumpet, and Lyris Cooper on Clarinet.

“A treat!” says KLCC Radio, and “…hauntingly beautiful,”
– J.K. McKinnon

Check out the album’s full credits and info here.


Production Music

Production Music – Individual Tracks

Film Strip artVisit Suz’s production music page for Suz’s Show Reel, and samples of music composed for broadcast use. You’ll find everything from 10 second “stingers” and segue music to full underscoring themes for film, video and broadcast media projects — even some Femme Fatal Themes and and Evening News Theme songs! Not to mention some “regular” songs as well — from easy listening folk, smooth jazz and light rock tunes to new age and old age spins on classic hymns and other delights. You’ll also find lots of quirky songs, children’s music, vintage TV song homages, and more — with a special bonus medley of Suz’s Musical Theatre songwriting, comedy sketches written by her and underscored with her music, and — just for the heck of it — samples of her live On-the-spot Songwriting.


More TV and Movie Songs

bMore TV and Movie Songs albumy Suzannah Doyle
June 2008. A brand new collection of 21 more TV and Movie songs by composer Suzannah Doyle.

You’ll find new Game show and News theme songs, Sitcom themes, Barney-esque children’s songs, and old timey piano tunes from the 1890s to 1920s — including Suz’s Gaslight Era version of “Take me Out To the Ball Game” and a Silent Movie Chase Scene tune. Not to mention some other musical surprises.

Check out the album’s full info and credits here.



TV and Movie Songs

TV and Movie Songsby Suzannah Doyle
January 2008. A fun collection of 21 of Suz’s favorite compositions created especially for TV, movies and broadcast use.

It includes game show and news themes. movie fight & reconciliation music, cartoon songs, a western shootout tune and a sassy Femme Fatale theme — not to mention a tip of the hat to Hanz and Franz with the quirky “Got Da Muscles”.

Check out the album’s full info and credits here.


Music Trax: Musical Bits & Pieces

Music Trax CDby Suzannah Doyle
2007. A collection of 28 songs composed (unless otherwise noted) and performed by Suz, from 5 second “stingers” to TV/ Movie/ Multimedia project underscoring and transition pieces. Instantly listen to and download the entire CD or contact Suz to license any of these tracks as ringtones, musical stingers & underscoring, segues, for personal and licensed professional use.

Check out the album’s full info and credits here.



APPS by Suz Doyle and friends

Suzapalooza Children’s Karaoke APP

Suzapaloozamusic by Suzannah Doyle & Friends

2010, MEA Mobile

NOTE – The APP is no longer available. But it was a cool project! Here are details about it.

An interactive musical Mobile App for kids that lets you singalong to your favorite children’s song, sing solo, or record yourself. Features traditional and original music by Suzannah Doyle and friends Devin Melanson, Paul Bezanson and Doug Ulfers.

Listen to song excerpts in the Children’s Songs audio samples on Suz’s Production Music page.


Musical Comedy Sketches

Ringtone Theatre: Volume 1

by Ringtone TheatreRingtone Theatre album

March 2009. Your Byte-Size Comedy Show by Suzannah Doyle and Friends!  A collection of 50 Musical Comedy Ringtones and short comedy sketches underscored with stylistic TV & Movie music by Suzannah Doyle and friends. Great for Cellphones/ TV / Radio / Podcasts / Broadcasts/Just Plain Fun!

You’ll find movie satires, parodies, and outside-the-box spins on everything from Nigerian email scams to celebrity impersonations such as James Bond calling regarding having misplaced his Jaguar. Not to mention avant garde a capella songs such as “Banana Banana Banana” and a bit of eavesdropping on phone messages left for Jesus and God.

Check out the album’s full info and credits here. (NOTE: This project is currently on hiatus. Ringtones? What are those?!)




Movies and VIDEOS

Piano Dreams: the Movie (DVD)

Piano Dreams DVDAn educational, FUN movie about how music works
by Lyris Cooper & Suzannah Doyle

Directed by Lyris Cooper.
Written by Suzannah Doyle & Lyris Cooper with brainstorming by the Springboard Improv Comedy troupe.

Watch the Official Piano Dreams Movie Trailer now.
(Voiceover by Kitzie Stern.)

Release Date: Nov 17, 2007
Genre: Educational, comedy
Rated: G for all ages and Groovy!
TYPE: DVD (NTSC), 64 minutes (all regions)

Get the full video details, credits and actor bios here.

Is it legal to have this much fun learning about music?

Get the DVD at:


Stories & Legends: 150 Years in the Heart of the Valley (DVD)

Stories and Legends DVDA film about the history of Corvallis, Oregon
by MicroEpic Productions, Earthwalker entertainment

Directed by Morris Walker
Written by Lynn Walker, Morris Walker, and hosted by Amoris Walker. Featuring music by Corvallis based composers and musicians, including Tim Misner, Suzannah Doyle, John Maddy, Halie Loren, The Skyewalkers, The Northwest Banjo Band, The Kindreds, and Ted Tom.

Watch The Trailer HERE.

Release Date: 2009
Genre: Documentary


Word Clue Adventure

Word Clue Adventure DVD1995 Video by Orchard Hill Productions, incidental music by Suzannah Doyle.
A wonderful, music-filled educational video filmed in Corvallis in 1995. Designed for today’s young readers (ages 5 through 8), this award-winning video program (Bronze Award, National Educational Media Network) combines original sing-along songs, special effects, two young sleuths, five “power” word clues plus a madcap secret map to creat a phonics-filled adventure. All of this is guided by “Bibliotecha” who offers clues in catchy musical numbers.

Suzannah composed and orchestrated original incidental music in post-production (uncredited). 30 min. VHS

Learn more and see the Preview HERE.

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* * * Visit Suz’s Official PRODUCTION MUSIC Page to learn of other videos, commercials and productions that have used her music, and hear song samples of oodles of production music song styles & genres by Suz (as well as a bonus medley track of her musical theatre music, comedy sketches with underscoring music and samples of Suz’s live On-the-spot Songwriting).


Wellness Recordings

Vision Symphony

Vision Symphony CDBy Antigone Cook, music by Suzannah Doyle.
2010, Life Integrated Fitness & Suzannah Doyle Music

A guided workout to improve your vision as you walk. Pilates instructor Antigone Cook has teamed up with composer Suzannah Doyle to create an innovative, music-filled way to exercise your eyes during a set of five walking routines. Both Doyle & Cook have personally improved their vision using eye training, and are excited to add this vision fitness CD to aid those currently working with vision improvement optometrists. Watch the Video about Vision Symphony.

Get the CD at:


The Soul of the Heart Meditation CD

Soul of the Heart Meditation CDBy Catherine VanWetter, MSW, with music by Suzannah Doyle2009. A soothing, healing collection of guided meditations by Catherine VanWetter, set to music improvised by Suzannah Doyle.

Recorded in Corvallis, Oregon.Divider

Basic Meditations

Basic Meditations CDBy Mary Ann Wallace, M.D., with music by Suzannah Doyle
2007. A soothing, healing collection of guided meditations by Dr. Mary Ann Wallace, set to music improvised by Suzannah Doyle.

Part of a trilogy of spoken work healing recordings by Dr. Wallace, including: “Healing the Wounds of the Past,” and “Beyond Pain Relief” (2006). Wallace is a board-certified physician specializing in internal medicine. She holds a master’s degree in psychology with an emphasis in holistic health and is a pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine. For more information on her work, visit


Relaxation Remedy for Pain Relief, Stress Reduction, Inner Replenishment – Lea Houston, MA, music by Suzannah Doyle

Relaxation Remedy CDby Lea Houston, 2006

A unique, tranquil journey. Lea’s soothing voice and guided meditations flow with flowing music to lead the listener to a place of inner healing and deep relaxation. Lea improvised a lovely peaceful spoken word guided meditation while Suz improvised music along with her at the same time. A recording that reminds you to breathe deeply and relax in a way that is deeply loving and enfolding.

Listen to an audio clip from the album.


Beyond Pain Relief – Mary Ann Wallace, M.D., music by Suzannah Doyle

Beyond Pain Relief album art2006. A CD of spoken word and improvised music that takes the listener beyond pain into a space of relaxation and openness where true healing can occur. Dr. Wallace extemporaneously created the guided spoken word meditation while Suz improvised music along with her at the same time. If your experience listening to this album is as soothing as recording it was, you’re in for a treat!

Listen to an audio clip from the album.

Get the CD at:

Albums on which Suz appears as guest artist

The Edge of Divine- Johanna

Edge of Divine CD2013. Johanna Beekman is loved for her rich, soulful voice and her radiant spirit. This album includes several of her most evocative, inspiring, and unforgettable originals, plus creative interpretations of well-loved pop, jazz, and traditional songs.

Suz plays piano on most of the songs on the album. Other guest artists include: Sid Rosen, George Beekman, Lyris Cooper, Peter Argyres, Nancy Sowden, among others.




I Believe In You – Mark Weiss

2011. A lovely collection of Blues, folk songs, originals, and more by talented guitarist & singer, Mark Weiss, who is joined on this project by many of his musical friends and cohorts — including Suz. She played piano on three songs on the album: Heroes and Friends; Healthcare Blues; and Accentuate the Positive. Mark is active in the Corvallis Folklore Society, and coordinates (and sings in) the popular Best Cellar Concert series and the bi-yearly Beatlesfest concerts.


If I Could Fly – Johanna

If I Could Fly2006. Diverse Contemporary Indie Folk Rock CD features seasoned guest musicians Neal & Barbara Gladstone, Audrey Perkins, Absolute, Ann Grabe, Laura Brophy, and Suz Doyle. Johanna (whose full name is Johanna Beekman) is a contemporary Indie Folk Rock singer/ songwriter whose has two CDs out, “Stolen Grace,” and “If I Could Fly.” Suz plays keyboard on several of the songs on “If I Could Fly”, and plays occasional concerts with Johanna. Her music has been influenced by Ani Difranco, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Carol King, Grace Slick, Tracy Chapman, Bette Midler, the Indigo Girls, the Beatles, and Motown.

Listen to audio clips of The Other Side of Time and Strong, vocals by Johanna, Suz on piano.



Free Range Chix Unclogged

Unclogged CD2005 A group of four sassy Chix guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and celebrate being who you are. Their album includes two songs Suzannah co-wrote with Chix member Vicki Hannah Lein, Menopause and All Women Are Beautiful. Suz also played many of the instruments on the album. Chix members include Barbara Case, Vicki Hannah Lein, Stephanie Long, and Cynthia Nixon, who recently replaced former Chix member Nancy Beaudry (famous for her song: “Give it to the Engineer”).

Listen to audio clips of Menopause, and Song for Men.




Daring to Sing – Vicki Hannah Lein

Daring to Sing2004 A CD of humorous, poignant and life-changing songs performed by International keynote concertarian Vicki Hannah Lein and friends. This accompanies Vicki’s book about living an authentic life. Suz co-wrote some of the songs for the album, and played all the instruments. Vicki’s music (and keynote speaking) is inspiring, deep, hysterically funny, and authentic.

Listen to audio clips of Sorry Doesn’t Work Here Anymore and Ode to Blindness.



After All – Rita Brown & Bill Smyth

After All CD1999 BS Music. One of Oregon’s premiere Folk duos featuring Rita Brown on guitar and vocals and Bill Smyth on keyboard, guitar, vocals and just about everything else.

Bill and Rita are a major part of the local folk music scene, and Suz was honored to be invited by them to play piano on the song, “You Remind Me” on this project.


My Foolish Heart – Mark Kershner

My Foolish Heart CD2000 Hutsut Records. Popular ballads from the 1930s and 1940s, sung in Mark’s signature crystal clear voice. Mark was born in Seattle, Washington and now lives in Sisters, Oregon. A healthy diet of 1940s music from his father’s record collection cultivated his love of the melodies and lyrics sung by artists such as Peggy Lee, Dick Haymes, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole and Doris Day. This album reflects his love of romantic standards. Suz helped him choose songs for the album, and did the graphic design for the cover.


YOUNG AND FOOLISH; GIRL FROM IPANEMA, SLEEP MY LOVE, and Winter crossing – all by Mark Kershner

Young and FoolishSuz played on Kershner’s Lullaby album (Sleep My Love, now “Hushabye Mountain”), helped choose songs for “Girl from Ipanema” and did graphic design on several of his albums. Mark is known for his smooth, crooner style vocals, and has released over 12 albums in many styles, from lullabies to jazz and country.

He is best known for his renditions of classic standards from the big band era, with songs made popular by Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, and Nat King Cole.


A sampling of in-school album projects

School albums trioVoices of Cameroon

Coordinated by Pavla Zakova-Laney of Educare–Africa; this album features songs sung by children from the Joy and Success Club at the Government High School, Tatum, Cameroon, S. Africa. Pavla recorded the children on site, and Suz edited, mixed and mastered the CD as well as designed the cover. 2002.

Celebrate Schooner Creek

Suzannah Doyle, Vicki Hannah Lein, and students and staff of Taft Elementary School, Watershed project, Lincoln City, OR 2002

Outta Sight!

Suzannah Doyle & students from Relan Colley’s class at the Oregon State School For the Blind in Salem, Oregon recorded this fun collection of folk songs in 2001. Nifty CD title by Relan, recording, mixing, mastering and graphic design by Suz.

For More information about CD and other music projects in your school or community, contact Suzannah Doyle

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Poetry and Writing Underscoring

In the Temple of the Wolves

Temple of Wolves book cover2013 by Rick Lamplugh
An account of Rick’s adventures living and working in Yellowstone.

Suz underscored two readings of chapters from his book.

Get more info at Lamplugh’s website.

Get the book at:


Poems That Shape The Eye

Poems that Shape the Eye

A collection of shape poems by Oregon State University professor Court Smith, set to original music composed by Suzannah Doyle.

VHS 1997.


Family Business Management

Family Business ManagementVideo. By Pat Frishkoff. Original music by Suzannah Doyle.

A videotape of a Corvallis, Eugene and Portland, Oregon simulcast of a Family Business Seminar presented by Pat Frishkoff of the Austin Family business Program at Oregon State University.

Includes original opening and closing theme music composed by Suzannah Doyle. VHS 1997.

Listen to an audio clip of Timbe, the video’s theme song.