TV and Movie Songs

TV and Movie Songs by Suzannah Doyle



TV and Movie Songs 

TV and Movie Songsby Suzannah Doyle

A collection of TV and movie songs, from game show and news themes to movie fight & reconciliation music, cartoon songs, a western shootout tune and a sassy femme fatale theme — not to mention a tip of the hat to Hanz and Franz with the quirky “Got Da Muscles”.

This CD is a collection of 21 of Suz’s favorite compositions created especially for TV, movies and other broadcast uses.

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Contact Suz for information on how to license her songs for production use, or sashay on over to her Production Music Page to hear samples of her production music by category (including a special bonus medley of her Musical Theatre songs, and samples of her Live On-the-spot Songwriting.

Song titles:

  1. 1960s Game Show Theme 1:00
  2. Game Show Theme 2 1:09
  3. World News Theme :38
  4. Moments :34
  5. Courtroom Theme Song 1:42
  6. Ye Maidens Fair 2:01
  7. Gates of Heaven 5:12
  8. Fireside Waltz 2:11
  9. Got Da Muscles :55
  10. Toon Town Rag 2:02
  11. Reconciliation 2:15
  12. Toon Town Tango 1:41
  13. Autumn Waltz 1:55
  14. Femme Fatale Theme 2:00
  15. Action Jackson :43
  16. No Really, Don’t Go in There :51
  17. Western Shootout 1:19
  18. Fight Scene Theme 2:57
  19. Last Push 1:25
  20. At the Finish Line 1:47
  21. Toon Town Hollywood 1:16

Album Credits – TV and Movie Songs

All songs composed and performed by Suzannah Doyle, except for “At the Finish Line,” which was composed and performed by Stuart Curtis & Suzannah Doyle. Stuart Curtis also plays sax on “Courtroom Theme Song” and “Femme Fatale Theme.” All other songs are arranged/ performed by Suzannah Doyle on piano, keyboards, synths, vocals, harp, bass, and electric guitar.
Recorded and mixed by Suzannah Doyle Music
Graphic Design by Suzannah Doyle
Mid-recording dance breaks by Suzannah Doyle
Complaints lodged for using her name too much in the credits by Suzannah Doyle

Released: 2008. © Suzannah Doyle Music. All Rights Reserved.