More TV and Movie Songs

More TV and Movie Songs

More TV and Movie Songs albumby Suzannah Doyle

June 2008. A brand new collection of 21 more TV and Movie songs by composer Suzannah Doyle. You’ll find new Game show and News theme songs, Sitcom themes, Barney-esque children’s songs, and old timey piano tunes from the 1890s to 1920s — including Suz’s version of “Take me Out To the Ball Game” and a Silent Movie Chase Scene tune. Not to mention some other musical surprises.

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  1. News Ticker :20
  2. Sunrise Appears :12
  3. Hello! Ma Baby! 1:28
  4. Sixties Sitcom Theme :34
  5. Til Death Do Us Part – Oops, It Did! 1:21
  6. Action News :24
  7. Tag! You’re It! :29
  8. Take Me Out To the Ball Game 1:32
  9. Game Show Theme 4 1:16
  10. Caves of the East :34
  11. Hometown Days 1:43
  12. Electrigroove:12
  13. Tin Whistle Dance 1:30
  14. Kidding Around 1:08
  15. Sidewalks of New York, the 1:18
  16. Silent Movie Chase Scene :22
  17. Complicated Sweetness :28
  18. Purple Dinosaur Walk :31
  19. Purple Dinosaur Picnic :32
  20. Scottish Highlands :58
  21. Cuppa Joe 1:07

Album Credits – More TV and Movie Songs

All songs on this CD are composed and performed by Suzannah Doyle, except “Hello! Ma Baby”, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” and “Sidewalks of New York,” which are public domain songs arranged and performed by Suzannah Doyle. Recorded and mixed by Suzannah Doyle Music Graphic Design Suzannah Doyle Distributed by: CD Baby and AudioSparx Released: June 2008. Copyright Suzannah Doyle Music. All Rights Reserved. For a complete listing of Individual Song Tracks available from Suz Doyle, visit: Audiosparx.