D.C. Direct CD


by Another Dave
DC Direct albumThis is Another Dave’s second album, inspired by their visit to Washington, D.C. to perform at the White House. (Yep, THAT White House, not just some random one!). The CD includes original songs in Another Dave’s signature smooth light jazz style, covers of songs such as “The Summer Knows” and “Speak Softly Love,” and a haunting ambient version of Amazing Grace with sax and synths.

Soothing piano/ sax/ guitar/ synth instrumental music.

Do NOT operate heavy machinery while listening to this CD!

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For info on licensing rights to some of these songs for production, streaming, or other uses, contact Suz.

Song Details:

  • 1. D.C. Direct! (2:45) Suzannah Doyle & David Cudo. © Suzannah Doyle Music (ASCAP)
  • 2. The Summer Knows (from Summer of ‘42) (6:00)
  • 3. Water is Wide (3:39) traditional — Watch video of Water is Wide on You Tube.
  • 4. My Heart Will Go On (from Titanic) (5:47) James Horner/ Will Jennings © Famous Music Corp. (BMI)
  • 5. The First Time I Loved Forever (from Beauty and the Beast) (3:30) Lee Holdridge © Famous Music Corp (ASCAP)
  • 6. Memory (from the musical, Cats) (3:08) Andrew LLoyd Webber/ Trevor Nunn/ T.S. Eliot © R & H Music Co. (BMI)
  • 7. O Haniwah (6:24) Suzannah Doyle/ © Suzannah Doyle Music (ASCAP)
  • 8. Only in God (4:30) John Michael Talbot/ Psalm 62 © Birdwing/ Cherry Lane Music
  • 9. Amazing Grace (5:11) trad., John Newton/ Virginia Harmony
  • 10. Here’s That Rainy Day (5:09) Johnny Burke/ James Van Heusen © Music Sales Corp/ Bourne Co. (ASCAP)
  • 11. Speak Softly, Love (theme from The Godfather) (5:21) Nino Rota/ Larry Kusik © Famous Music Corporation (ASCAP)
  • 12. Irish Farewell (3:00) traditional, arr. by Robert W. Thygerson (ASCAP) © The Lorenz Corp OBO The Heritage Music Press
  • 13. Presence (a live improvisation) (11:00) Suzannah Doyle & David Cudo. © Suzannah Doyle Music (ASCAP)

Album Credits – D.C. Direct by Another Dave

Another Dave is David Cudo & Suzannah Doyle
David Cudo — Alto and Soprano saxophones
Suzannah Doyle — Piano, synthesizers and mandolin
Warren Zaiger – Guest artist, bass
Daniel Mahoney – Guest artist, guitars
Stephen Cudo – Guest artist, trumpet
Lyris Cooper – Guest artist, clarinet
Executive producer — David Cudo
Produced by David Cudo and Suzannah Doyle
Recorded and mixed at Soundsmith Studios, Bend, Oregon – Clay Smith, Engineer
Mastering & Replication — Nimbus Manufacturing, Inc., Gardena, CA
Front Cover Photo — Barb Barker, Bowman Photography
Candid Photos — Suzannah Doyle, David Cudo, and Lyris Cooper
Another Dave Logo — Jeanne McMenemy, Calligraphica
CD Graphic Design — Suzannah Doyle

Copyright Info

This album copyright © 2007, 1998 by Suzannah Doyle Music. All songs composed by Suzannah Doyle & David Cudo are copyright © Suzannah Doyle Music (ASCAP). Other copyrights: Song # 4: © Famous Music Corp. (BMI); #5 © Famous Music Corp (ASCAP); # 6© R & H Music Co. (BMI); # 8 © Birdwing/ Cherry Lane Music; # 10 © Music Sales Corp/ Bourne Co. (ASCAP); # 11 © Famous Music Corporation (ASCAP); # 12 © The Lorenz Corporation OBO The Heritage Music Press, used with permission. All Right Reserved.

Soothing piano/ sax/ guitar/ synth instrumental music.