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NOTE: Suz is currently taking only a limited amount of new private students. You can still learn from Suz: Check out her Free Music how to videos, Free Factsheets, and Piano Dreams movie. It’s the next best thing to Suz live!

Suz shares an expansive approach to playing with the language of music by integrating diverse learning styles—students explore how to speak and understand music by ear (oral tradition), how to read and write it (written tradition), and how to use practical chord theory to understand how songs are made.


Suz teaches: Piano, Stage audition secrets, guitar, ukulele and bass — as well as songwriting

Student with guitar

skills, recording, arranging, CD production, Rock/ Pop/ Indie etc. band coaching, and music technology. She delights in inviting students to find the music uniquely within them, and in helping them put it to practical use.

NOTE: Suz & Jeanne (AKA The Wallop Sisters) do plan to begin co-hosting the Corvallis Ukulele Cabaret Singalong in the coming months. The Singalong is free, open to all ages, and includes instruction — in addition to Ukuele fun!

Suz teaching Uke workshop

Suz busting a musical paradigm

More learning options: Check out Suz’s YouTube videos and Free Fact Sheets below — not to mention a fun presentation of her approach to learning music in Piano Dreams: the Movie.

Bonus: learn more about Suz’s background as a teacher here.  And check out more  about Suz’s workshops here.


From Suz’s Secret On-the-spot teaching Diary:


Download Suz’s free fact sheets for more music fun 

Learn how to:

• play a melody by ear, using just 7 simple piano notes • instantly make up soMusic Fact Sheetsngs using just 3 chords • understand how songs are made • play 1950s songs using just 4 chords • easily create a song’s feel & style with bass lines (made out of chords!) • improvise (make up melodies) using a simple – but really groovy — blues scale! • have oodles of fun with music RIGHT AWAY! And lots more! Check out all her fact sheets here.

“Suz invites people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to find the music uniquely in them. She believes that music belongs to everyone, not just “the professionals.” :-)


Educational Videos by Suz:

Learn piano right away with Suz’s free user-friendly how-to videos at YouTube. Learn how to think in chords and use practical performing musician theory to understand how songs work and dive into playing right away. Click the graphic below to see the entire list of videos.

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Got Something you’d like to see covered in a video?

If you have suggestions for topics you’re interested in learning about, just Contact Suz