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Suz’s Clients & Music Placements

As a composer

Suz has a diverse repository of styles, from traditional to contemporary, and from the ridiculous to the sublime. She flows easily between all eras and styles of music, from Broadway to Gaslight era old time piano tunes to smooth jazz, quirky TV theme songs and cinematic underscoring. Her 2,000-song repertoire and years of performing as a multi-instrumentalist with diverse bands has given her the tools to be a multi-genre “outside the box” kind of composer.

In essence, Suz is the “go-to” composer for creative, memorable tunes in just about every style. She goes from quirky to poignant in 10 seconds flat! Visit her Production Music Page to see a sampling of her catalog of music.

Here is a partial list of Clients using Suz’s music

Movies/ Video

Take Too Long graphicTake Too Long (by Fear Not Films), an award-winning animated film about a young couple’s attempt to reunite with their father in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, used Suz’s and David Cudo’s version of “Amazing Grace” in their movie. Directed/ written by Kwesi Davis. Released summer 2010.

Stones into Schools graphic

Simon Productions (Golden, CO, USA) licensed Suz’s “Desert Sands” for use “Stones Into Schools”, their video biography about schools being built by NGO in Afghanistan (release date: Oct. 2010) (her song begins at 2:04).

The Way graphicShay Productions licensed Suz’s Femme Fatale Theme for use in “The Way,” a dramatic feature film released April 2010.

Mayer Films (Switzerland) licensed Suz’s Femme Fatale Theme and Toon Town Rag for use in their feature film “Urban Oddysey”.

Greek crisis graphic“The Greek Crisis Explained, Episode 1″ uses Suz’s song “Tinkly Fairy Walking Music” in their video (May 2010, song begins at 16 seconds in.)

The Matthew Show Productions licensed Suz’s song “Epic Trouble Brewing” for use in the film MacGuffins & Monsters.

Global Village Commons (Sept, 2009), licensed expanded versions of Suz’s songs “Silent Movie Chase Scene” and “Winding Way” for use in a video they produced featuring  animation by Polish artist/ animator Lukasz Szozda of Lukfilms.

NGOs in Village graphicGlobal Village Commons (Jan 2010), licensed Suz’s original songs Movie TV Logo Music (Tribal), African Village, Workaday World and Zing Zang Zoom for use in a video about NGOs in the Village they produced featuring  animation by Polish artist/ animator Lukasz Szozda of Lukfilms.

Cinemadog Productions (Santa Rosa, CA, USA) licensed Suz’s version of “Drunken Sailor” for a Team Canada Hockey Teaser video on

The View Winery graphicThe View Winery (British Columbia, Canada) used Suz’s “Femme Fatale Theme” in their promo video (our songs starts at 3:24 into the video)

Capital C Productions (Toronto, Canada) licensed Suz’s version of “Sports Rally – Charge!” for a Team Canada Hockey Teaser video on

“Sins of Commission” (Jan 11, 2009), licensed Suz’s songs “Looney Toonies” and “Silent Movie Suspense Chords” for use in the film.

Stories and Legends DVD“Stories & Legends from the Heart of the Valley” (2009, Earthwalker Entertainment), a feature film about the history of Corvallis, Oregon used Suz’s songs “Autumn Waltz” and “Aces and Spades” in their production.

Mafia: The True Story used Suz Doyle and David Cudo’s version of  “Speak Softly, Love (from the Godfather)” in their satirical spoof of mafia films.

Groom Lake Productions used Suz’s “Sunrise Appears” in their short film “Next Gotta Have It.”

Piano Dreams: the Movie (2007)Piano Dreams DVD features Suz’s music throughout the entire educational film about music. Written and produced by Lyris Cooper and Suzannah Doyle.

Television, Commercials

Martha Stewart imageThe Martha Stewart Show licensed Suz’s version of “Snake Dance (The Hootchie Kootchie)” for use in their show on Oct 31, 2008.

Haibun SRI (Milano, Italy) licensed Suz’s version of “Sports Rally – Charge!” for use in a Comix 2010 TV and Internet Commercial. July 2010.

Today Show screenshotThe Today Show (NBC) used Suz’s and Vicki Hannah Lein’s song “Menopause” on their July 17, 2010 program.
Atomic Age Films, Inc. (Clearwater, FLA) licensed Suz’s version of “The Sidewalks of New York” for use in their show on Oct 31, 2008.

Drake TavernDrake Tavern TV Commercials (Aardvark Video Works Jenkintown, PA) licensed Suz’s Femme Fatale Theme for use in their TV commercials for Drake Tavern.

MTV3 in Finland, used Suz’s version of the classic “Sports Rally – Charge!” for an ice hockey promo spot.

Sons of Ancient GloryThe book trailer for “Sons of an Ancient Glory” by best-selling author BJ Hoff featured Suz’s song “Pirate’s Lament”. Oct 2010

Grand Hotel Commercial (France) used Suz’s “Game Show Theme 2” in their national TV commercial.

KVBATV (New Mexico) used David Cudo’s and Suz’s version of “Speak Softly, Love (from the Godfather)” in their Sept 27, 2008 broadcast “Jesus Jam Event.”

Sit and Be FitSit and Be Fit TV Show (PBS) is using Suz’s songs (”Toon Town Rag” and “Autumn Waltz“) in their program.

Puroclean TV Commercial (Sheehan Productions, New York) used Suz’s “Silent Movie Suspense Chords.”

Enquete de PouletEnquete de Poulet (Enzyme Productions, Montreal, Canada) licensed Suz’s “Game Show Theme 2 for use in their commercials.

Mooncusser Films (South Chatham, MA, USA) used Suz’s “Fur Elise – Jazz Scat Style” for their HAC Community Green PSA # 2.

BCTV (Asheville, NC) used Suz’s old style piano version of “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” for a recycling PSA (air date June 13, 2008)

Dr. Tabor’s Diet informercial licensed Suz’s song “Complicated Sweetness” for use in Slimtoon2008.

West End Media (Roseland, N.J. USA) used Suz’s song “Toon Town Tango” in their animated TV commercial “Slimtoon.

Theme Parks, Arcades, Exhibits

LEGOLAND licensed Suz’s “Merry Go Round” song to use for a year with a display of a Lego Carousel and Ferris Wheel at Lego Land in California, United States.

Jennison Entertainment Technologies licensed Suz’s song Toon Town Hollywood for use in an amusement arcade game.


SuzapaloozaMacfarlane Engel & Associates (New Zealand) contracted with Suz to develop “Suzapalooza,” a series of Children’s Karaoke singalong APPS for iPhones, iPods, iPads and Google Android platforms. First one released April 2010. – RE-RELEASED FALL 2010 in the iTunes store. No longer available, but it was a cool little APP!


Out of Left FieldPublic Broadcasting licensed Suz’s version of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” for use in “Out of Left Field: The Making of the Chinese Olympic Baseball Team,” a documentary aired on Public Broadcasting Aug. 14, 2008.

“Out-Takes From Vietnam, a non-profit museum educational documentary used Suz’s song “Gone Too Soon.

“Racing Hall of Fame”, a Mar. 2008 documentary about inductees into the New Zealand Racing Hall of Fame used Suz’s cinematic scoring song “Reconciliation.

“Joe’s Winchester”, a documentary on “Joe Bageant’s Winchester, Virginia” for Italian-speaking branch of Swiss Public Broadcasting, used Suz’s and David Cudo’s recording of “Amazing Grace.

Rook Communications licensed Suz’s song “Looney Toonies” for use in their documentary film project “Stronghold: In the Grip of Wrestling,” due out in 2008.

Starblast Media used Suz’s song “Scottish Highlands” in their DVD entitled “Highlands,” released Aug 2007.

A Bridge to Nowhere (March 2008), a documentary on the proposed Liquid Natural Gas Pipeline Project in Oregon, produced by Maegan Prentice, featured music by Suz and also by Jeff Defty and Christopher Forrest-McDowell, from their album “Sanctuary: Romances For Guitar & Cello”.

Home is Where The Heart Is, a documentary by Sean Brown about locally owned businesses in Corvallis, Oregon, features several of Suz’s songs in the project. 2007

Video Games

Great GatsbyClassic Adventures: The Great Gatsby Computer Game (Oberon Media) licensed Suz’s song “Glad Rags” (featuring Stuart Curtis on Clarinet) for use in their downloadable Computer Game. June 2010.

Buccaneers and Lobsters gameBuccaneers and Lobsters (Media Mount, Co. Down, Northern Ireland) licensed Suz’s version of “Drunken Sailor” for use in their online video game Buccaneers and Lobsters.

Skattejakten (Draw Limited, Norway), licensed Suz’s version of “Drunken Sailor” for use in their internet flash game (release date pending).

Positive Change Projects

Vivacity’s The Voices of Women Project: An Audio Anthology licensed Suz’s and Vicki Hannah Lein’s song “All Women Are Beautiful” for their collection of stories about women age 40 and beyond who have transcended societal and cultural conditioning to create successful and rewarding lives that positively impact others.

Greeting Cards, Products

Treble Clef graphic

The Lang Company licensed Suz’s version of “Carol of the Bells“, as well as her original songs “Kidding Around” and “Looney Toonies” for use in sound chip greeting cards.

Speechlink Multimedia Ltd (Canterbury, U.K.) licensed Suz’s song “Merry Go Round” for use in a Speech Therapy Game

Col-Lar Enterprises licensed Suz’s songs “Cuppa Joe” and “Toon Town Rag” for use in “Colors in Motion,” an enabling device for the handicapped.

Live Performances

Slovenian Dance choreographer Jana Kovac Valdes used two of Suz’s songs (Toon Town Hollywood and Arkansas Traveler) in her students’ recent cartoon-themed dance performance in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Bijn Sterke Producties (Brielle, Netherlands) licensed Suz’s “Toon Town Hollywood” for use in a Children’s Flash Mob project at a local street festival. July 2010

Beyond Post Productions (Forrester’s Beach, NSW Australia) licensed Suz’s “Global News Theme” for use in a live theatre performance.

Food and Drink

Coco Bonbons (Nashville, TN) licensed Suz’s “Tinkly Fairy Walking Music” for their world-wide Fairy Tea Time project.


Vision Symphony CDVision Symphony, a guided workout to improve your vision as you walk by Pilates instructor Antigone Cook  features original music by Suz. Release date April 2010, Life Integrated Fitness & Suzannah Doyle Music

Fit Momz Fit Kidz licensed Suz’s version of Pop! Goes the Weasel for an exercise DVD for moms and their children. Release date 9-4-09.

“Hope = Esperanza”, a Hope On Wheels Project is using 3 of Suz’s Spanish Children’s songs (”Cuente Los Numeros“, “De Colores“, and “Que Cantan Feliz“) for a CD project highlighting Pediatric Cancer Awareness.

The Journey of One Human Heart used Suz’s “Autumn Waltz” on their CD collection of character sketches and short stories.

Basic Meditations CDDr. Mary Ann Wallace, M.D., created a trilogy of guided meditations set to music improvised by Suzannah Doyle. CD Titles are: “Guided Meditations” (2007); “Healing the Wounds of The Past” (2006); and “Beyond Pain Relief” (2006). Her newest CD: “Forgiveness as Healing” released in 2008, is available at her web site.

For a complete list of CDs by Suz Doyle and friends, visit her Recordings page.

Education/ Training

U.S. Air Force used Suz’s “1960s Game Show Theme” in their study software for Air Force personnel.
Word Clue Adventure DVDWord Clue Adventure, a 1995 educational Video by Orchard Hill Productions featured incidental music by Suzannah Doyle (uncredited work for hire).

Couplehood as a Spiritual Path used used Suz’s version of “Nearer My God, To Thee,” in their educational DVD.


The Cutting Corporation used Suz’s “Femme Fatale Theme” as scoring for an Audiobook they released.

Web Sites

Click Creative (Australia) licensed Suz’s version of “Snake Dance (The Hootchie Kootchie)” song for use in a children’s web site.

Adveractive, Inc. licensed Suz’s “Pirate’s Lament” for use in an internet game.

Inner Circle Rum used Suz’s “Merry Go Round” song for their web site game at

Richter7 Production Company licensed Suz’s “Tinkly Fairy Walking Music” for use on their BD Infusion Nurses Day Storybook Web site. (U.K.) used Suz’s “1960s Game Show Theme” as the opening music in their web site.

Jayne Poole Photography, U.K. used Suz’s version of “Pachelbel’s Canon in D” for her Photography web site, DVD and slide shows

Mystery Tutor Blog Licensed Suz’s Monty Python-esque “Intermission Song” for use on their web site.

Oaks Academy (Indiana) used Suz’s version of “Simple Gifts” on their Thanksgiving Web Site, Nov 2007 .

Corporate Projects

The following corporations licensed Suz’s music for various in-house projects in 2008:

FCCI Incentive Trip (Sarasota, FL) used Suz’s version of “Campbells are Coming“.

HAI (Alexandria, VA) – used David Cudo and Suz Doyle’s version of “Memory” in a CEO Video.

IC Frith & Associates, Australia) used Suz’s “1960s Game Show Theme“.

Michael York Learning Center, Charlotte, NC used David Cudo’s and Suz Doyle’s version of “Speak Softly, Love” in a CETV DVD project.

Picture Perfect Slide Shows (San Antonio, Tx) used Suz’s version of “Sidewalks of New York.”

Rocket Pop Media (Richmond, VA) use David Cudo and Suz Doyle’s version of “Memory” for a 95th Birthday project.

Suz’s Top-Selling Songs:

Evening News Theme, 1960s Game Show Theme, Femme Fatale Theme, World News Theme, Merry Go Round, Game Show Theme 2, and covers of Ave Maria, Speak Softly Love (from “The Godfather”), Beauty and The Beast, and Walking in the Air.

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