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Suz’s Clients & Music Placements

As a composer

Suz has a diverse repository of styles, from traditional to contemporary, and from the ridiculous to the sublime. She flows easily between all eras and styles of music, from Broadway to Gaslight era old time piano tunes to smooth jazz, quirky TV theme songs and cinematic underscoring. Her 2,000-song repertoire and years of performing as a multi-instrumentalist with diverse bands has given her the tools to be a multi-genre “outside the box” kind of composer.

In essence, Suz is the “go-to” composer for creative, memorable tunes in just about every style. She goes from quirky to poignant in 10 seconds flat! Visit her Production Music Page to listen to samplings of her catalog of music.

Who uses Suz’s music? Here are a few examples:

Today Show screenshot

(Songs used: 1960s Game Show theme; Merry Go Round, Snake Dance (the Hootchie Kootchie), Menopause, Toon Town Tango, Odd Bodkins)

(Songs used: Toon Town Rag, Autumn Waltz; assorted Children’s Karaoke songs; GLOBAL VILLAGE NGO SONGS: Movie/ TV Logo Music; African Village; Workaday World, Silent Movie Chase Theme; Winding Way; and Zing Zang Zoom; Los Dias De La Semana (The Days of the Week); comic underscoring song; Cuente Los Numeros; De Colores; and Que Cantan Feliz)


Sit and Be Fit    Out of Left Field

Take Too Long 

(Songs used: Looney Toonies; Toon Town Rag & Autumn Waltz; Take Me Out to the Ball Game; Amazing Grace; Desert Winds; We’ll Meet Again, My Friend)

Word Clue Adventure DVD

(Song used: Star Spangled Banner, sax by David Cudo) Assorted transition cues; Pirate’s Lament; 1960s Game Show Theme; Sunrise Appears; Drunken Sailor; Glad Rags)

(Songs used: Reconciliation; Auld Lang Syne solo piano; The Sidewalks of New York)

(Songs used: Kidding Around; Global News Theme;  Pirate’s Lament)


From Suz’s Secret clients & placements Diary:

Suz’s Top-Selling production music Songs:

Evening News Theme, 1960s Game Show Themes 1 and 2, Femme Fatale Theme, World News Theme, Merry Go Round, Game Show Theme 2, Looney Toonies, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Pirate’s Lament; Autumn Waltz,  Amazing Grace, and Toon Town Hollywood.

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