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Posted in News at April 12th, 2013

Suzannah Doyle is a composer, performer, and on-the-spot songwriter whose work appears in productions world-wide. She plays with and in groups of all sizes, Suz Doyle pixfrom classrooms to concert halls, from singers and instrumentalists to improv groups, and she is the chief comedy wrangler of Ringtone Theatre.

She played by invitation at the White House in Washington, D.C., and appears live and on 23 albums with a diverse array of performers in the Pacific Northwest, including her most recent group “The Wallop Sisters” (formerly “the Ukes of Hazard”), with whom she co-hosts the monthly Corvallis Ukulele Cabaret community Singalongs.

Suz’s music can be heard in network television, PBS, commercials and videos, in Piano Dreams: the Movie, in Jane Eyre, the Musical Classic (with playwrite Kristina Harris), and on the CD “Ringtone Theatre: Volume 1” featuring short musical comedy sketches for cellphones and comic relief. Her songs are available online at many nifty digital marketplaces.

Who uses Suz’s music?

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Recordings by Suz and friends

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Educational Videos by Suz:

NEW: Suz now has a collection of free piano and guitar how to videos at YouTube. Here is a sampling of some of the latest ones:

1. Why a blues scale sounds “Bluesy”
2 How to Scat Sing (Improvise) Using the Blues Scale
3. Understanding 7, 9, 11 and 13 Chords
Graphic piano how to4. How to Simplify a Song on Piano
5. How to Play 1950s Chords on Piano
6. Easy Piano Improv Using Neighborhood Notes
7. How to Stylize a Piano Song, Part 1: Thinking in chords
8. How to Stylize a Piano Song, Part 2: Cool Bass Lines
9. How to Stylize a Piano Song, Part 3: Arpeggios
10. How to Make Suspended Chords (such as Csus4) on Piano
11. Amazing Grace Variations: Part 1 (Easy, Soft chords, 7ths)
12. Amazing Grace Variations: Part 2 (Jazz Ballad Style)
13. Amazing Grace Variations: Part 3 (Gospel Style)
14. Dark and Light Chords in a Key (Major vs. Minor)
15. Dark and Light Chords: Part 2
16. How to Transpose a Song’s Chords & Key
17. Piano Basics: How to Learn Note Names Quickly
18. Piano Basics: Scales, Keys & Major Chord Formula (Part 1)
19. How to Speed Read Music
20. Dark and Light Chords: Part 2
21. How to Transpose a Song’s Chords & Key (MAJOR KEYS)
22. Piano Basics: How to Learn Note Names Quickly
23. Piano Basics: Scale, Keys, & Major Scale Formula (part 1)
24. Note Geometry: What do chords look like geometrically?
25. NEW! Easy Piano Chord Substitutions (at the end of a song)
26. NEW! Ragtime Style Piano Made Easy (Part 1)

1. How To Play a C Scale on the Guitar
graphic guitar how to2. How to Play a Blues Scale on the Guitar
3. How to Play “Mission Impossible” on Guitar
4. How to Play “Crazy Train” on Guitar
5. How to Play “Funky Town” on Guitar
6. How to Play “Secret Agent Man” on Guitar

For a complete list of Music how to videos by Suz, visit her Teaching page.

Ringtone Theatre

ring tone theatre graphicby Suzannah Doyle and Friends.

Your Byte-Size Comedy Show!30-second comedy mini masterpieces of stage, screen and this crazy thing called life — underscored with original music, and available for instant download to your cell phone, computer, or iPod.

Visit our Ringtone Theatre page  to see all our ringtones by category.

See samples from Suz’s catalog of music on her production music page.

See a partial list of Suzannah’s professional affiliations here.

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