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As a Teacher

Suz shares an expansive approach to playing with the language of music by integrating diverse learning styles—students explore how to speak and understand music by ear (oral photo Dimitri at Recital 2013tradition), how to read and write it (written tradition), and how to use practical chord theory to understand how songs are made.

Suz teaches: Piano, voice, guitar, ukulele and bass — as well as songwriting skills, recording, arranging, CD production, band coaching, and music technology. She delights in inviting students to find the music uniquely within them, and in helping them put it to practical use.

Check out Suz’s YouTube videos and Free Factsheets below — not to mention a fun presentation of her approach to learning music in Piano Dreams: the Movie. And learn more about Suz’s workshops here.

Download Suz’s free factsheets for more music fun

Music factsheets

Learn how to:

• play a melody by ear, using just 7 simple piano notes • instantly make up songs using just 3 chords • understand how songs are made • play 1950s songs using just 4 chords • easily create a song’s feel & style with bass lines (made out of chords!) • improvise (make up melodies) using a simple - but really groovy — blues scale! • have oodles of fun with music RIGHT AWAY! And lots more! Check out all her factsheets here.

“Suz invites people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to find the music uniquely in them. She believes that music belongs to everyone, not just “the professionals.” :-)

Suz’s How-to Videos on YouTube

Check out Suz’s free educational videos on her YouTube channel, and let her know if there’s a topic you would like to see covered.


Graphic piano how to1. How to play a C Blues Scale on Piano

2. How to play an F Blues Scale on Piano

3. How to play the G Blues Scale on Piano

4. Why a blues scale sounds “Bluesy”

5. How to Scat Sing (Improvise) Using the Blues Scale

6. Understanding 7, 9, 11 and 13 Chords

7. Understanding Chords & Melodies on Piano

8. How to Simplify a Song on Piano

9. How to Play 1950s Chords on Piano

10. Easy Piano Improv Using Neighborhood Notes

11. How to Stylize a Piano Song, Part 1: Thinking in chords

12. How to Stylize a Piano Song, Part 2: Cool Bass Lines

13. How to Stylize a Piano Song, Part 3: Arpeggios

14. How to Make Suspended Chords (such as Csus4) on Piano

15. Amazing Grace Variations: Part 1 (Easy, Soft chords, 7ths)

16. Amazing Grace Variations: Part 2 (Jazz Ballad Style)

17. Amazing Grace Variations: Part 3 (Gospel Style)

18. Dark and Light Chords in a Key (Major vs. Minor)

19. How to Speed Read Music

20. Dark and Light Chords: Part 2

21. How to Transpose a Song’s Chords & Key (MAJOR KEYS)

22. Piano Basics: How to Learn Note Names Quickly

23. Piano Basics: Scale, Keys, & Major Scale Formula (part 1)

24. Note Geometry: What do chords look like geometrically?

25. NEW! Easy Piano Chord Substitutions (at the end of a song)

26. NEW! Ragtime Style Piano Made Easy (Part 1)


graphic guitar how to1. How To Play a C Scale on the Guitar

2. How to Play a Blues Scale on the Guitar

3. How to Play a 1, 4, 5 chord Blues on Guitar

4. How to Play “Mission Impossible” on Guitar

5. How to Play “Another One Bites The Dust” on Guitar

6. How to Play “Crazy Train” on Guitar

7. How to Play “Funky Town” on Guitar

8. How to Play “Money” by Pink Floyd on Guitar

9. How to Play “Secret Agent Man” on Guitar

Got Something you’d like to see covered in a video?

If you have suggestions for topics you’re interested in learning about, just Contact Suz