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Ringtone Theatre: Volume 1

Posted in Recordings at January 8th, 2009

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Ringtone Theatre: Vol 1 Ringtone Theatre CD cover

by Ringtone Theatre

March 2009. A brand new CD of 50 Musical Comedy Ringtones and short comedy sketches underscored with stylistic TV &  Movie music by composer Suzannah Doyle and friends.

You’ll find movie satires, parodies, and outside-the-box spins on everything from Nigerian email scams to celebrity impersonations such as James Bond calling regarding having misplaced his Jaguar. Not to mention avant garde a capella songs such as “Banana Banana Banana” and a bit of eavesdropping on phone messages left for Jesus and God.

If you like high quality, off-the-wall comedy with great music, you’ll Love Ringtone Theatre.

Ringtone Theatre:  Comedy sketches for: Cellphones / TV / Radio / Podcasts / Broadcasts

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  1. Cellphone News Network: Tonight’s Top Story  :59  Eric Nepom/ Suzannah Doyle
  2. Lewis: I Like - Telephones :31  Eric Nepom/ Suzannah Doyle
  3. James Bond: Misplaced my Jaguar :30  A. Sivetz/ Suzannah Doyle
  4. Nigerian Scam (Ring Tone)  :57  J.C Jarvis/ Suzannah Doyle
  5. Aerobics Ring Tone Society of America  :50   Eric Nepom/ Suzannah Doyle
  1. Banana Banana Banana :60  Lyris Cooper/ Rylan Doyle/ Suzannah Doyle
  2. Zombie Recipe Club: Human Tar Tar :30  Suzannah Doyle/ Lyris Cooper
  3. Habib: Thank You for Calling America :29  Murray Lein/ Allen DeSomer
  4. In My Day: New Fangled Ringtones :30  Suzannah Doyle
  5. Bumblebee Ring Tone :23  Rimsky-Korsakov/ Neil Gladstone
  1. In a World Guy: Answer the Call  1:00  Leon Flood/ Suzannah Doyle/ Stuart Curtis
  2. Gone with the Ring Tone  :54  Eric Nepom/ Suzannah Doyle
  3. God’s Phone Mssgs: Manuel - Karaoke Invite  :30  A. Sivetz/ Suzannah Doyle
  4. Hysterical Wake Up Alarm :27  Suzannah Doyle
  5. It’s Your Broker  :32   Neal Gladstone/ Suzannah Doyle
  1. Bail Out Wall Street Telethon  :47  Eric Nepom/ Suzannah Doyle
  2. Ring Ring Jokes 3  :30  Michael Warner
  3. Phone Wars  :30  Michael Warner
  4. Habib’s Monsoon Fish Market  :30  Murray Lein/ Suzannah Doyle/ Allen DeSomer
  5. Cannibal Association: Eat Your Way to Health :30  Michael Warner/ Suzannah Doyle
  1. Latino Soap Opera Association  1:10   Suzannah Doyle/ Eric Nepom
  2. James Bond: Hello Dr. No :30   A. Sivetz/ Suzannah Doyle
  3. Jesus Phone Machine: Mother calling :30   Michael Warner/ Suzannah Doyle
  4. Hockey Men Who Knit :30   Jackson Frisbie/ Rylan Doyle/ Bryce Hansen/ Suzannah Doyle/ Steve Soucy
  5. Hypochondriac Hotline  :30  Lyris Cooper/ Suzannah Doyle
  1. Top Secret Russian Codes  :51   Rylan Doyle/ Suzannah Doyle
  2. Queer Eye for the Zombie Guy  :29  Lyris Cooper/ Suzannah Doyle
  3. James Bond: Tea on Tuesday :30   A. Sivetz/ Suzannah Doyle
  4. Aunt Susie’s Affirmation Hotline  :30  Suzannah Doyle
  5. John Wayne: Pick Up the Phone  :52  J. C Jarvis/ Suzannah Doyle
  1. Jesus Phone Machine: Nazarene Insurance  :30  Michael Warner/ Suzannah Doyle
  2. Habib: Turbanator 2000  :59  Murray Lein/ Suzannah Doyle
  3. Zombie Recipe Club: Spaghetti & Eyeballs :30 Suzannah Doyle/ Lyris Cooper
  4. Haunted Ring Tone: Pick Up the Phone  :51  J. C Jarvis/ Suzannah Doyle
  5. Say, Dollface, Pick Up the Phone :49  J. C Jarvis/ Suzannah Doyle
  1. Instant Gratification Hotline  :30  Suzannah Doyle
  2. 7 Habits of Highly Successful Pirates  :41   Eric Nepom/ Suzannah Doyle
  3. Sexy Innuendo Ring Tone  :49  Suzannah Doyle
  4. Cannibals in Crisis  :30  Michael Warner/ Suzannah Doyle
  5. Relax, Dammit! (Guided Meditation) :55  Lyris Cooper/ Suzannah Doyle
  1. Jame Bond: Sushi Happy Meal :30   A. Sivetz/ Suzannah Doyle
  2. In a World Guy: Fluffy Happy Bunnies  1:06   Leon Flood/ Suzannah Doyle
  3. Discount Grim Reaper :30  Lyris Cooper/ Suzannah Doyle
  4. Habib: Discount Guru Phone Mssg  :30  Murray Lein/ Allen DeSomer
  5. Ross Perot-Gee: Fix America Now :37  Suzannah Doyle
  1. Self Esteem: I Do Not Suck  :30  Vicki Hannah Lein/ Suzannah Doyle
  2. Pompei Radio WR-O-N-G :30  Michael Warner
  3. Psycho Killer Hotline :30  Suzannah Doyle/ Nick Pugliese
  4. Gates of Heaven: Welcome (Enter 24-digit PIN) :30  Michael Warner/ Suzannah Doyle
  5. Sean Connery Fast Food Order :30  A. Sivetz/ Suzannah Doyle

Starring the Ring Tone Theatre Co-Horts:

Lyris Cooper
Allen DeSomer
Rylan Doyle
Suzannah Doyle
Leon Flood
Jackson Frisbie
Neal Gladstone
Vicki Hannah Lein
Bryce Hanson
J. C Jarvis
Murray Lein
Eric Nepom
Nick Pugliese
A. Sivetz
Steve Soucy
Michael Warner

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Album Credits - Ringtone Theatre: Volume 1

Ring Tone Theatre: A Collection of Epic Musical Comedy Masterpieces

© 2009 Ring Tone Theatre & Suzannah Doyle Music
All Rights Reserved.
Release Date: March 2009

Logo/ graphic design by DreamStarMusic

Recorded and mixed by Suzannah Doyle Music, Michael Warner, Allen DeSomer, Leon Flood, and Steve Soucy.
Mastering by Dave Trenkel of New and Improv
Graphic Design by Suzannah Doyle and David Erik.
Distributed by: CD Baby.

These ringtones can be downloaded to most cell phones, or licensed for personal or production use. YAHOO!

Many of the songs used to underscore Ringtone Theatre comedy sketches are composed by Suzannah Doyle & friends. For a listing of Individual Song Tracks/ Production Music by Suzannah Doyle available for personal or production use, visit: Audiosparx.