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Professional Affiliations

Suzannah Doyle is affliated with:

ASCAP - American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers

Taxi - independent A & R Company, taxi logo
a wonderful resource for independent musicians

Audiosparx - online music & sound effects library; Audiosparx logo
they sell & license Suz’s songs & those of over 1,200 other artists. Great resource! - sells Suz’s movie (Piano Dreams: the Movie) and MP3s of her CDs.

Stock Music Site - online production music library,link to Suz's music at Stock Music site
they license Suz’s music trax & oodles of others. Fun, diverse music!

CD Baby - distributors of Independent albums, CD baby logo
including Suz’s & those of her sax/ piano duo, Another Dave

iTunes - online music store that carries music trax iTunes logo
and songs from Suz’s Musical Bits CD, her TV & Movie Songs CD, and Another Dave’s CDs — an online MP3 store that sells Suz’s CDs and Another Dave’s CD.

You Tube - Suz has oodles of videos on Youtube, including: Songs from her musical with Kristina Harris; paintings and photography by friends of hers (set to Suz’s music); a documentary that uses her music, and one showing what a difference the right — and wrong — song can make in a video.