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Musical Bits & Pieces CD

Posted in Recordings at May 7th, 2007

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Music Trax by Suz: Musical Bits & Pieces - Album details

by Suzannah Doyle
Suz Musical Bits cd

Need a fun ringtone? Some smooth jazz or pop music for underscoring film, TV, video or multi-media projects? Or some sassy theme songs for your next Youtube video project? This CD is a collection of just those things!

You’ll find everything from 5 second “stingers” to short 30 second to 2 minutes instrumental theme songs for use in underscoring TV shows, movies, multimedia projects, and whatever you’ve got cooking. We’ve even thrown in 30 second feisty rock piece and an electronic vocal groovy iPod commercial style tune called “Get Your Groove On.”

A fun collection of tunes for use in media production, or even as fun ringtones!

UPC Code # 63447955075

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Buy the CD itself at CD Baby or iTunes, or listen and buy individual songs below for personal use or to instantly license for student and professional use.Get instant access to all of Suz’s music at AudioSparx , a fun, comprehensive online music library. You will find a diverse palette of songs composed and performed by Suz Doyle and friends (and songs and sound FX by over 920 other musicians) that you can listen to and download to use right away. It’s easy!

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  1. Arkansas Traveller :26 Trad.
  2. The Blue 1:30
  3. Calling Out :28
  4. Clock Tower Bells (Ancient & Future Mix) :30
  5. Color Garden Theme :47
  6. Evening News Theme :27
  7. Fugola 1:01
  8. Fur Elise Boogie 1:17 Beethoven/ arr. Suz Doyle
  9. Get Your Groove On :49 - written and performed by Suzannah Doyle
  10. Get Your Groove On (Instrumental Version) :50 - written and performed by Suzannah Doyle.
  11. Girls on the Run (Instrumental version):29
  12. Harvest Town 2:54
  13. Home For Now :35
  14. Looney Toonies :54
  15. Magnif :45
  16. Marchette (short march) :20
  17. Marchola :34
  18. Merry Go Round 1:23
  19. Mountainrise :47
  20. Regality :41
  21. Simple Gifts 1:50 Trad./ arr Suz Doyle
  22. Space Moves :11
  23. Tango Nights 2:12
  24. Timbe :44
  25. Timbe 2 1:20
  26. Waterwheel :36
  27. Wheels :35
  28. Winding Way :25

Album Credits — Music Trax by Suz: Musical Bits & Pieces

Suzannah Doyle Piano, keyboards, synths, vocals, bass, electric guitar
Recorded and mixed Suzannah Doyle Music
Graphic Design Suzannah Doyle
Distributed by: CD Baby

All songs on this CD are arranged and copyrighted by Suzannah Doyle Music unless otherwise noted. For a complete listing of Individual Song Tracks available from Suz Doyle, visit: Audiosparx.