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French Name Ringtones by Michael Warner

Posted in News at February 17th, 2011

Personalized French Name Ringtones

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Want to hear your name sung when the phone rings? Click below to preview/ buy and instantly download a personal French Name Ringtone to your cellphone. Lead vocal/ French translation by Hilary Stuchbery; music/ harmonies by Michael Warner. (Click here to Return to the Ringtone Theatre Main Page)

Male A-J

Male L-Z


Female A-J

Female M-Z

Alain Laurent Aimee Marguerite
Antoine Louis Amber Marie-Claire
Bernard Luc Angelique Marie
Bertrand Marcel Antoinette Michelle
Christien Matthieu Babette Mimi
Christophe Michel Blanche Monique
Daniel Nicolas Brigitte Nardine
Davide Noel Camille Nicole
Didier Olivier Chantal Patrice
Eduard Pasquale Charmaine Raquel
Etienne Philippe Christine Renee
Fabien Pierre Collette Simone
Francois Quentin Danielle Suzette
Gaston Raoul Desiree Therese
Gustave Remy Dominique Virginie
Henri Roland Eloise Yvonne
Herve Sebastien Fleur Zephyrine
Igor Stephane Francoise
Isaac Thierry Gabrielle
Jacques Tristan Genevieve
Jean-Jacques Victor Isabelle
Jean-Paul Vincent Jacqueline
Jean Xavier Jaimie
Jerome Yves Josephine
Jules Zacharie Juliet

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